New Gay Miniseries Arrives with Shadowlands

OUT Tv has added yet another LGBTQ series to its programming from Charlie David. Shadowlands premiered at the end of May and has introduced us to three separate dark love stories in an anthology format. Each story shows a relationship from a different time and the complications that come with it. First, we have Alex; a 1928 plastic surgeon that strives for perfection. Upon hosting a party with a variety of interesting guests, he has a series of romantic failures and soon realizes the only person he is interested in is himself. Trying to comprehend his own narcissism, Alex’s story kicks off the dark tone of the series.


Fast forward to 1951, we are introduced to a military couple on a camping trip. As they begin exploring the idea of opening they’re relationship, they meet a willing and mysterious stranger. Quickly jumping into this unexpected situation, the drama in this story is heightened as soon as it begins. Finally, we get to 2018. This story follows a painter that obsesses over creating art in the image of his late lover. He paints such a beautiful piece, that its realism takes draws him under its spell. As his story unfolds, we see more of their relationship more and after they were untimely torn apart.



With so few shows surrounding gay characters, it is amazing when we are blessed with one as great as Shadowlands. Make sure to watch so we can continue getting incredible programming with this kind of representation.



Shadowlands airs Sundays at 08:00PM PST / 11:00PM EST on OUT Tv Check out the trailer for Shadowlands here:


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