Escape to A Fiji Villa

Not long ago, Frankie Grande shared his trip to Fiji via his Instagram account and it is stunning to say the least! If you haven’t seen the trip, he posted pictures of waterfalls, private beaches, and the gorgeous landscape. While in downtime relaxing, he got to enjoy a view like this:

But he did much more than relax. The island also had space to explore, water to swim, and waves to ride with a Sea-Doo!

happy. 🌊

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Even though the weather is finally starting to warm up here, I would take up the offer for a private villa in a heartbeat. Just looking at Frankie’s pictures, you’re might be thinking, “I could use a warm vacation right about now.” Luckily, you could experience Frankie’s trip whenever you want.

As seen on CTV Your Morning or Ellen, there is a contest happening right now to own a villa on this very island for only $25 a ticket! Known as Wavi Island, it is a premier destination for weddings, honeymoons, or just the getaway you deserve. Whether you use it as a real estate investment to rent or your own private escape is up to you; it is yours for LIFE. Tucked away within a breathtaking reef off the sparkling Koro Sea, it is connected to Fiji’s second largest mainland by bridge.

The 3000 square-foot private villa you can win comes at no additional ownership or management fees so you can enjoy your prize without worry. Built just for you, the prize includes two five-night stays on the island to watch its progress. If you can’t spend all your time there and would like to rent, the winning allows you to collect half of all the rental earnings! At such a beautiful destination, that will be easy money in your bank.


Outside Wavi, Fiji itself has so much to offer for both real estate investments or simply visiting. Many industries are growing including tourism, food processing, manufacturing, and many others! Fiji has a long and positive track record of attracting investors from all over the world, many of whom have re-invested in multiple projects and businesses in the country. If real estate investments are your thing, this is your chance. And if you’re the type of person that just enjoys having your own private escape, that works too; the choice is yours!


From exploring the island to just relaxing in the 3000 square-foot villa, every moment on Wavi island would undoubtedly be the experience of a lifetime. If you’re still not sold by Frankie Grande’s trip, check out this virtual tour video below!



There will be 5 top prize winners drawn who will each win the Villa Package valued at 6.5 million dollars! This includes the private villa, a full fitout package, and two five-night stays while your villa is being built. All this with no management or owner fees ever! Additionally, you will receive rental income for life.


The ten second-prize winners will each get a five-night all-inclusive stay at no cost. This includes airfare and stay at villa that hold up to six people! Now that’s one hell of a consolation prize.


To enter this contest or find out more details, visit Tickets are only $25 and get cheaper if you buy in a bundle. There is no limit to how many you can purchase, but the contest ends once the 300,000 tickets are sold out – so do not hesitate!


You deserve to live like Frankie Grande, so why not give it a shot and get your ticket today!

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