Come on Barbie lets go to Toronto

Aqua is traveling around the world. The band is performing for the first time in Canada.


The Danish band, which is known for hits like Barbie girl, roses are red and Freaky Friday will be performing at Echo Beach with Prozzäk. This concert is part of their rewind to her as both Aqua and Prozzäk rose to the height of their popularity in the late 90s early 2000. Opening for the tour will be WHIGFIELD. This concert is also part of Toronto’s gay pride with portions of the money of the sales donating to help out the LGBTQA+.


Aqua started in 1989 and Denmark under the name Joyspeed. They released two albums that called Aquarium, which was released in 1997, and Aquarius, which was released in 2000. Shortly after the release of their second album they took a hiatus but returned 2009 with a compilation album, and new single back to the 80s. In 2011 they release their new album called Megalomania and their first single off the album how are you doing. This album ended up going gold. A year later in 2012, the band took a second hiatus. And 2016 they announced a reunion tour, without one of the four members. Member Claus Norreen announced he was leaving the bandit due to changing musical focus.


Prozac is a Canadian band that started in 1998. The band is made up of a two members Jay Levine and James Bryan McCollum. The band uses cartoons and animation to portray a story for each of their songs. The concept of the band is Simon played by Levine and Milo played by McCollum on their quest to find love. With the use of these cartoon stand-ins, not many people know what they look like. They even in the process of creating a cartoon called Prozzäk: love addicts. The band released Hot Show and Saturday People with her both nominated for Junos. After the first two albums, they gained attention from Disney and ended up partnering with them. They change the name to Simon and Milo. They released a new album called a CruelCruel World under their original name in 2005. After a ten-year hiatus, they performed a reunion tour in 2015. During the reunion tour, they played new songs. They released their new album forever 1999 of March of last year.


The concert is being held that Echo Beach on September 8th. The tickets are currently on sale with a special pre-sale for pride.

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