Have a Big Gay Thanksgiving at Black & Blue 2016

Black & Blue is back baby and this is going to be one big gay party to fill your Thanksgiving plans!  That’s not even a prediction…it’s a promise.




Black & Blue is an annual party event for LGBTQ people and their supporters that attracts people from Quebec City, Toronto, and beyond.  It’s a huge event that feels even larger than Pride (hope you didn’t completely go into Winter Mode and lose your Pride Bod just yet).  The event brings in some wonderful DJs including Ian Key, Morabito (NY), Alain Jackinsky, and Danny Howells (UK),not to mention the extravagant lights, performers, and decor.  The main event on Sunday is undoubtedly the most extravagant of them all.

[display_video youtube=”kAopj-Vh06I”]

Of course, by attending Black & Blue you are effectively supporting the many causes that the BBCM Foundation supports including HIV/AIDS organizations in Montreal as well as gay & lesbian community groups.  Now when your mother tells you that you party too much, you can simply say that “it’s for a great cause!”

Gay Living will be on location at the Black & Blue which runs Oct 5-11, 2016 in Montreal, QC.  Buy your Black & Blue tickets online now.

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